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I'm thrilled - thank you for giving me back a life worth living.  K, chronic fatigue sufferer.

Mark's work as a hypnotherapist has been truly superb.  For a professional musician like myself, constantly performing in high-profile broadcasts and concerts, performance anxiety is a serious issue.  Through our work together, he has helped me to overcome my demons in these stressful situations in a way that has eluded me for years.  D, professional concert musician

Mark is an exceptionally good listener, dedicated and incredibly hard working ...he is always able to address complex issues with strategy and confidence, giving a sense of security.  R

I count myself very fortunate to have worked with him  S, jazz musician

I consulted Mark to help with my insomnia.  He managed to allay any initial reservations and put me instantly at ease.  My sleeping has significantly improved after just two sessions and I have not needed my sleeping pills for more than a week now, supported by his relaxation CD, his excellent and practical strategies and his wonderfully reassuring voice.  K

Thank you so much for your fantastic time and patience;  our daughter now has a full set of eyebrows and her eyelashes have also grown back, an amazing result. L, mother of a 13 year-old schoolgirl who unconsciously pulled out her eyebrows and eyelashes whilst reading.

Thank you for your time and patience in helping me with my flying fear.  Your sessions helped me to do something I never thought I would be able to do - fly on a plane all the way to Sweden by myself.  It was still a little bit unsettling but I felt skilled-up and and in control.  My holiday was incredible and I felt so liberated and free to know I can travel.  So free, in fact, that in February I flew to Switzerland and got to see the snowy mountains and have a go at skiing.


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