What conditions do you treat ?

I have experience of working with a wide variety of conditions.  As well as working specifically with anxiety and depression, I have worked with phobias, fear of driving, insomnia, incontinence, chronic fatigue syndrome, relationship difficulties,  examination and workplace stress, pain management,  nervous tics, addictions, bereavement and compulsive behaviours including comfort eating and drinking.  I have a particular interest in working with skin disorders and  working with musicians and other artists  to overcome performance anxiety or creative blocks. Any condition that creates or expresses anxiety, or in which an attitude of mind plays a part, can almost certainly be assisted by hypnotherapy.

Can you help me give up smoking ?

I particularly enjoy working with clients, not just to give up smoking, but actually to become non - smokers.  But the important thing is that you must really want to give up smoking before you come and see me.

A post on my blog (On giving up smoking - 23 May 2018) tells you more about my approach, which you may want to read before contacting me.

Will you put me into a trance ?

The short answer is, no !  In films and on television, the hypnotist  - ideally with a swirling cape and twirling his moustache  - works his magic and puts the client into a trance.  I do not find this a helpful model because it makes you  a passive recipient.  Instead,  hypnosis is an active  process  in which you  engage your attitudes, beliefs, expectations and imagination in a new and more complete way.    I prefer this model because it puts you in charge of  the power of your own mind, perhaps for the first time.  Further, all of the scientific research supports this view of hypnosis rather than the 'magical trance'.

Do I lose control during hypnosis ?


No.  It follows from the last question that  you remain in control at all times.    Being in hypnosis is a process that we collaborate in, rather than something that is done to you, and it is a skill you can learn and practice, just like any other skill.  I do not hypnotise you;  I simply give you the cues to enable you to hypnotise yourself.  

Is hypnosis like being asleep ?

Hypnosis is like being asleep only in that you are very relaxed and will - for most of the time - have your eyes closed.  Apart from this, you will remain alert, engaged and fully awake throughout.  


Why is hypnosis so powerful ?


Hypnosis is powerful because it brings the various parts of the mind into complete alignment enabling you harness all of your abilities which until then might have been out of balance with one another.

Will you make me do anything I don’t want to do ?


No.  I am professionally committed to one aim;  enabling you to achieve the outcome you desire, in the belief that you already have the resources to do so.  Further, the  mind is powerfully protective and will not let you do anything that is not for your benefit.

Does hypnosis work for everyone ?


Almost everyone is capable of some degree of hypnosis although   some people find it easier to respond to than others.


Is hypnosis guaranteed to work for me ?


It would be an unwise hypnotherapist – or doctor for that matter – who would guarantee any treatment.  That would be an unhelpful expectation for both of us. In some  cases hypnotherapy can effect a complete cure.  In many cases, if not a complete cure,  it offers real improvement and a powerful tool for managing your condition into the future.  In all cases, however,  the greater your commitment to the process (which will mainly involve listening to a relaxation CD each night between sessions) the greater your chances of success.  And do bear in mind also that hypnotherapy will only help you to change if that is what you really want. 

How many sessions will I need ?

Each session lasts up to 50 minutes and most  people will notice significant changes after 2 or 3 sessions.  It is important, however, to continue the work so that the improvements you make are fully embedded.   Phobias can be resolved in 2 or 3 sessions, whilst I can lead you from being a smoker to being a non - smoker in 3 sessions.  Conditions relating to anxiety often resolve, or improve substantially, after about 8 - 10 sessions.   You will know when the time is right for you to leave hypnotherapy, or to reduce to once a fortnight or once a month.  And you can always come back for a top - up if you need it.