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Hypnosis is a gentle but powerful way of harmonising those parts of the mind that might otherwise be out of balance.

That imbalance can express itself in a wide variety of disorders, commonly including anxiety, depression, overeating, addictions, panic attacks, phobias, skin problems, IBS, fatigue, or just a sense that, somewhere, you have lost touch with the real you.

These disorders, however, are often the expressions of an underlying stress, so that if that stress can be resolved, the presenting condition will  disappear of its own accord, leaving you with a sense of having got back to the real you.


Neuroscience has shown that the brain is constantly seeking new directions.  Not only are we all capable of change, therefore, change and renewal is the brain's natural state.  Hypnosis simply gives the mind the rest it needs to find its balance again.

Hypnosis can help you with all of these conditions and many more, but can also let you leave behind behaviours which you no longer need,  develop new confidence, or simply just relax.

How can it help you ?

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