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About me

I am a hypnotherapist based in Dorking with a Diploma in Solution - Focused hypnotherapy and the Practitioner Diploma of the National Council for Hypnotherapy.    I have a certificate in counselling from the Westminster Pastoral Foundation.

The solution - focused approach  means that we start by looking at what you want to achieve, and then consider what skills, strengths and resources you already have - perhaps without realising it - to enable you to reach your goal.

Evidence-based research has demonstrated this to be a powerful model, made even more effective when combined with hypnosis.

My work is rooted in modern neuroscience. Whilst we must always take responsibility for our actions,  a simple understanding of this science helps us to look at our behaviours more objectively and without unhelpful feelings of shame or failure.

I believe that everyone who comes to see me has all the resources they need to effect change, and that by simply coming to see me, you demonstrate the willpower you need to make that change a reality.

I have a degree in English Literature from Oxford, having been fascinated since childhood with the stories we tell, to ourselves as much as to others, in order to give meaning to our lives.  And if we can change the story, we can free ourselves of past limitations and create a happier future.

My preparation for becoming a hypnotherapist included 27 years practicing as a lawyer.

Mark Brafield



Portrait copyright Andrew Prior

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