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  • Mark Brafield

Find your nothing

I was at a yoga class earlier this week and the teacher was telling us about 'drishis'.

A 'drishi' is a point that you focus on when peforming a yoga posture, in order to help you concentrate.

In classical yoga there are 9 drishis which you use depending on the posture, and most of them are points of the body; the edge of your foot or the point of your finger, for example. However, one of the drishis is simply 'to focus on nothing', or, as my teacher put it, 'find your particular nothing'.

I like this phrase. At first glance it is a paradox; if there is nothing there, it cannot, by definition, be a particular nothing. But paradoxes are useful in hypnotherapy - they distract the conscious mind, which goes off by itself trying to work out the puzzle, leaving the unconscious mind free to roam and express itself.

On the other hand, in my practice I am constantly encouraging - or allowing - my clients simply to let go of everything that gets in the way of them being truly themselves, their worries, fears for the future, expectations, physical and mental tensions. And that can bring them to a state of 'nothing', or, to be more precise, a state of nothing that is particular to themselves.

Find your particular nothing or, as I prefer to put it, 'let go of everything, except who you are'.

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